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Why ?

When you intervene for cracks, you don’t look at just one, you analyze the source… the foundation, and the consequences, the roof or the sandpit and the interior decoration, for the subsequent impact.

We have rather simplified the approach into three typologies :

Expertise on the opinion of experts

Average billings in 2019 were 700 euros excluding VAT and travel.

This corresponds for example to:

  • Simple pre-sales expert review.
  • Pre-purchase expert review for common property (pavilion type).
  • Pre-work expertise (for review of the technical approach to implementation).
  • VEFA (Reservation contract on future construction) / CCMI (building contracts for detached house) reception expertise (without initial support).

Of course if it proves necessary, you could obtain an expert report. For this, plan for a cost of 50% of the amount of the expert visit.

For us, the report includes the drafting of the accompanying letter(s), contestation or other correspondence on request or on a deferred basis. This choice continues for three months after the release of the report.

Expertise against third parties

In 2019, billings for this type of expertise ranged from € 800 excluding VAT to € 15,600 euros exclusive of tax for commitment files of € 21k to € 2.5m. The average is around € 1400 excluding VAT, and 30% of cases had legal consequences.

This corresponds for example to:

  • Denial of ten-year insurance compensation,
  • Contestation of refusal of compensation for damage insurance,
  • Contestation of the realization of works by the companies,
  • Conflict between neighbors (wall elevation, etc.),
  • Contestation of refusal of development by Architect Bâtiment de France,
  • Defence following contestation of third party cadastral survey.
  • Arbitration Expertise

You will need to contact the firm to evaluate the cost for your expertise according to the nature and complexity of your case.

Technical expertise in construction

In 2019, billings for this type of expertise ranged from 600 euros excluding VAT to 3,500 euros excluding VAT.

These expertises concern the technical diagnoses of your constructions, the works in progress, or those carried out which present signs of constructive risks.

This corresponds for example to:

  • Expertise of works in progress.
  • Expertise of technical installation (electricity, plumbing, insulation.)
  • Expertise for presumption of constructive risks.
  • Expertise of compliance of work realization.
  • Expertise following abandonment of the site.
  • Expertise at the end of the ten-year period.

Depending on the progress of your case, know that you will be directed either:

  • In expertise against third parties,
  • In arbitration expertise,
  • In performing work for yourself.

Il vous faudra prendre contact avec le cabinet pour chiffrer votre expertise en fonction du type de dossier.

Expertise is complex, as you progress in your case, you will realize that in the same way that you do not choose an expert, but hire expert skills, expertise cannot be bought like a packet of Lu biscuits, you will need to present your case to the expert, to have explanations that will allow you to properly assess your needs.


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