Expert Bâtiment

Some Client Cases


Mrs. D., sector of Roissy Charles de Gaulle sector.

My tiles are flying away, what can I do?
The case: Repeated flights of tiles from the roof of a private house (child’s room concerned) into the garden and the street. Insignificant refund proposal from the insurance.

Allo Expert Bâtiment de France:
Thanks to his knowledge of the risks, the file was treated as a priority. The responsibility of the contractor and his damage to works insurance has been demonstrated. The 3,000 euros of compensation initially proposed was increased to 12,000 euros.

The roof was quickly restored to its original condition. The daughter of the owner is sleeping peacefully again and Mrs. D. was to set off on holiday with peace of mind and passers-by no longer changed sidewalks.


Mrs L., Cergy Pontoise sector.

My windows are badly installed and leaking!

The case : A national window manufacturer subcontracts the installation locally. Result: Non-compliant installation, no air-water tightness, original style not respected for an architect’s house from the 70s, subject to the agreement of Architectes Bâtiment de France.

Allo Expert Bâtiment de France: The installer accepts the expert’s compromise and compensates the client up to 7,000 euros. A repair and a compliant installation are thus carried out. The prescriptions of the ABF (Architectes et Bâtiment de France) have been respected in the choice of style.

=> The expert’s eye allows the preservation of the heritage and especially the respect of the thermal performances.

Satisfaction: Mrs L. was able to take over the work, without risk, with compensation from the indelicate installer, and to call upon competent people for a good final realization of the installation of the windows. She benefits from tax subsidies and up-to-date compliance, energy savings and therefore reduces her electricity bill.

Mrs M., Méru sector.

My medical facility is not compliant!

The case: The promoter wants to deliver him a medical facility that does not meet the standards of his profession. The sanitary conformities (sound insulation, mechanical resistance of the partitions) are not respected.

Allo Expert Bâtiment de France: The expert obtained the complete repair of the partitions (solidity and soundproofing) for a sanitary compliance in order to prevent the health authorities to refuse the opening of his care establishment.

Satisfaction: Opening made possible with a “reasonable” delay, no refusal to exercise activity, no threatened reputation. Mrs. M. can practice her profession according to the standards of the health organizations, and thus repay her loan. Her clients feel respected and safe.

Ms. H., Herblay sector.

My bathroom is a danger!

The case: Cracked tile with outcrop on the floor of a bathroom in a new house. Refusal of coverage by the developer and the ten-year insurance, which is however renowned.

Allo Expert Bâtiment de France: The expertise demonstrated the obligation to take into account the damage and forced the person in charge to pay an indemnity of 4,000 euros after the expert made an indisputable report with a reminder to the law and highlighted strong risks of injury or slipping.

Satisfaction: Mrs H. can safely use her bathroom without risk of falling. She knows that she can contact Expert bâtiment de France in the future for any concern about her home.


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